Hans Biss
Curriculum Vitae

Apprenticed with Robert Schmidtke, Dusseldorf, Germany.  Schmidtke was a permanent member of the German Dressage Schooling Stable in Kramprutz along with Otto Loerke, General Gerhardt and Felix Buerkner.

Received Trainers License from the German Agriculture Ministry and the German F.N. at the German Riding School in Warendorf.  The Deutsche Reitliche Vereinigung, or German F.N., is the national Equestrian Federation and is responsible and governs all disciplines of equestrian sports, breeding, and competitions.

1961- 1964  
After obtaining the degree of Master of Riding and Training, Mr. Biss was awarded the prestigious position of full trainer at the German Riding School in Warendorf, Germany.  This position included training for all disciplines but Mr. Biss' concentration remained on Dressage.  The German Riding School in Warendorf is the most important in Germany as it trains and tests all Bereiters and Trainers.  At this time it was under the direction of General Niemark who was also the president of the German Judges Association.  While in Warendorf, Mr. Biss worked extensively with one of the "old masters", Heinrich Boldt, father of Harry Boldt, many time Olympian, and was a former student of Obst von Heydebreck who was the writer of the last edition of the "Gymnasium of the Horse".  This book contains the fundamental theories of German classical Dressage and is the text from which the official manuals of training and instruction of the German F.N. are written.  During this time Mr. Biss also worked with H.H. Brinkmann who was one of the most distinguished jumping riders of the German cavalry and German national Team.

Mr. Biss became Director and Head Trainer of the Bielefeld Riding Club.  During these years Mr. Biss trained many horses and riders to the FEI levels and was particularly successful at the Grand Prix level with his own horse "Reinald" who was taken as a reserve horse to the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City for the German team.  With "Reinald", Mr. Biss was a finalist in the prestigious Hamburg Derby as well as many time winner and finalist in numerous major international shows.  "Reinald" was later sold to John Winnet who took him to two Olympic games and numerous Equestrian Games and World Cups.

1970 to present  
Mr. Biss moved to Aumuehle, near Hamburg, and established his own private training stable.  During this time he and his clients continued to enjoy competitive success up to and including the Grand Prix level.  In addition, Mr. Biss' Junior and Young riders won many Regional and National Championships.

1961 to present  
A member of the Licensing and Examining Committee for all Bereiters and Trainers appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture.  He was the committee chair from 1994 to 1996, an honor which reflects his standing as one of Germany's top trainers.

Licensed by the German Equestrian Federation to judge through the Grand Prix level in Dressage.