USDF (United States Dressage Federation)
    -Certified Instructor/Trainer
    -Bronze and Silver Medalist
    -"L" Graduate Judge
British Pony Club
United States Pony Club
    -Past District Commissioner
International Junior Championship
    -Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist

Academic Education

Pepperdine University
    -Sports Medicine
Temple University
    -Exercise Physiology
University of Texas in El Paso
Thomas Jefferson Medical School

Training in the following: 
Foreign Countries; 
Germany, England, Ireland, Australia, Thailand, 
US States;
California, Arizonia, New Mexico, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, New York, Conneticut, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, Deleware, New Jersey, Georgia, and Texas

Competions in the following: 
Foreign Countries;
Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong
US States;
Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Mexico, Arizonia, Colorado, New York, California, and Texas 

Instruction and/or judging in the following: 
Foreign Countries;
Mexico, and Thailand 
US States;
California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Georgia, and Texas
Riding Education Student of:
Hans Biss (Germany)

Jack Le Goff (France)

Micheal Page

Richard Howard

Jimmy Woofard

Bruce Davidson

Karen Bixler

George Morris

Todd Fletcher

Vince Dugan

Tony Hill (England)

Clinic With:

Harold Bauer

David and Karen O'Conner

Ann Kersinski

Torrance Walkens

Mark Leone

Philip Dutton (Austrialia)

Denny Emerson

Capt. Mark Philips (England)

Willey Lahey (Ireland)

Buck Davidson

Becky Langwost

Rockawonsky (England, Austria)